Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to claim for refund from Qnet India (Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd)

QNET HELPLINE NUMBERS : Hong Kong :0008006001144,India :+919900060604
How They Are Trapped Innocent People? I am also one of the victims of Qnet. The uplines or people at the higher levels have created such a methodology that traps you in such a way that even if you wish to come out of it you cannot. First of all you will be signed up by showing you huge dreams, business opportunities and lots of lies. Lying is a heart and soul of this business. You can be trapped by calling you to five star hotels where you will be offered only tea or coffee as the person responsible for your plan has to pay for it. The bill normally comes under 1000. Then there will be a senior business partner who will meet with you and will touch your right chords. You might not be happy with your current job, you might not be making too much profits in your business and these people are too smart to focus on it. Then they will tell you what is the potential of this business. This I feel is more of hypnotising techniques.
Then the part comes which they call it as closing a call wherein you are asked to arrange money as soon as possible as there are only two positions. You eventually get trapped. I was also invited in cafe, Mumbai. Now you are given a set of books and few DVD’s to finish off and in the same time you are invited to attend Vcell. This is a place where lots of positive energy is infused to newly trapped people but this energy is without substance. You are invited to make your belief system stronger. Then you are asked to make contact list and classify them into hot, warm and cold zones. Now this is where you get more trapped. Once you are through with your list, you are asked to signup your family members on your trust and with a promise to double their money in 3 years. After you sign them up, you are explained that this is a network marketing business and now to get your money back, you have to signup more people. Now if you are a fair person you realize that its a huge trap because you cannot get out of it now as you have taken the responsibility of your family members and for that you need to fool more and more people. Such a bad and unethical thing. How can you play with the emotions. These people are not less than criminals as they leave you in the middle of sea and then they tell you to come at the corner by making others drown. They are concerned about inflows of BV’s in their ids but they dont realize that this is equal to sin and a virtual inflow of bad wishes is also crediting intheir Ids. So one should fear GOD. If you feel that it is a fair business then before signing up, clearly tell that this a networking business but dont pull out money from the pockets of needy people. Majority of us are from middle and lower middle class families and one makes a lot of sacrifices to arrange the money so understand it and don’t get lost in making money through unethical issues.
How I  Recovered Money From Them? I was also invested 5 lac in this business due to my closefriend.But after investment,I thought that this is not good business so that I told my friend I want to quit from this membership but he told me “you cant quit now”.That time I felt very bad because I have taken personal loan for this. So I were trying to call to my friend but he was saying there is no way for refund money but i had found some important knowledge about refund from my friend who works in Qnet .I was also contact to my friend who is advocate he has given me some important phone no and email id of vihan Direct Selling India Pvt Ltd. I had also called so many times to their Hong Kong office regarding this things at last they have returned my money to my account.
If you are victim of this fraud then you can send mail to me on and you can also join me on Facebook ( for live chat.I will guide you step by step solution for same. Definitely I will help you because I was in same situation.
Some Basic Tips for your refund : 
1) First of all you have to collect your Qnet member ID or IR ID from your upline.
2) Correct your mail id in Qnet database because mostly your upline entered wrong information         during registration.
Some Useful Information and Contact Numbers for your refund : 
12:00 – 06:00 Hong Kong Standard Time
Monday – Friday (Including 00:00 – 06:00 Saturdays)
Email Support
QNET Malaysia
QNET Promosyon, Turkey
QNET Philippines
QNET Rwanda
QNET Singapore
QNET Vietnam
+603 7949 8288 (All languages)
Hong Kong : 800 933 691
India : 000 800 600 1144 , 000 800 100 7022
Indonesia : 001 803 601 923
Malaysia : 1 800 880 983
Philippines : 1 800 1 601 0053
Russia : 88001 009 623
Singapore : 800 601 1425
Sweden : 020 795 050
Taiwan : 00801 601 347
Thailand : 1 800 060 102
Turkey* : +90 212 414 1780
UAE : 800 0600 21
USA : 1 866 578 6077
*All calls are free of charge when made from within the stated country,
For more information about refund you can refer TERMS & CONDITIONS of product purchase manual of Qnet…Click Here
If you are aware of any unethical practices of fellow IRs, I will suggest you to immediately report them to their Network Compliance Department Their NCD will look into the matter immediately.
                              !!!PLEASE HELP TO OTHER VICTIMS!!!
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Madhan Prabhu said...

Hi sir,

Good Evening. I saw your post in one of the blog and my brother had invested 392000Rs in Qnet.

He joined QNET by October 20th 2017. Could you please tell me how to get the refund fully.

He wants to come out of this. Please suggest your kind help.

Thank you very much..

Madhan Prabhu T

Unknown said...

Hi Madhan,Did your brother got refund from Qnet? And how many days it took?